About Paul G. Ranky, BS / MS (Hons) Mech. and Ind. Eng., MS (Eng. Edu.), PhD (Automation Engineering with IT)

Email: ranky@njit.edu or via the publishers on a reliable UNIX server at cimware@mac.com at URL: http://www.cimwareukandusa.com

He is a Full Tenured Professor of Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Industrial and Management Systems at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), with an additional faculty appointment with NJIT's IT (Information Technology Program), as Professor of IS & IT. NJIT is the Public Research University of New Jersey, Newark, NJ, USA. Member, or former member of SAE(USA), IEE(UK), IET (UK), IEEE(USA) Sustainable Green Engineering Series Editor , PMI(USA), SME(USA), ASME(USA), ISPE (USA), International Soc. of Pharmaceutical Engineers, ASQ(USA), member of the International RFID Business Association, the Lean Manufacturing and the Quality Auditing Divisions, educated by ASQ (USA) in lean six-sigma, quality leadership, and others.

He is a Registered and Chartered Professional Engineer, specializing in iSEE:Green, intelligent Sustainable Enterprise Engineering with a Green focus, IIOT, the Industrial Internet of Things, green integrated product and process design, design reviews in aerospace, automotive and underwater device design, quality, sustainable green PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), using digital product, process, manufacturing, and factory design methods and tools, concurrent / simultaneous engineering, in design for manufacturing / assembly / disassembly / quality, in quality system design and auditing, advanced lean and flexible cellular manufacturing systems and industrial engineering, in assembly automation and robotics with advanced sensors, in GMP (Good Manufacturing & Laboratory Practice), in sustainable green manufacturing, in advanced aerospace design for manufacturing and assembly / automation, in humanoid robotics, in hi-tech project management, in customer requirements analysis, in process risk analysis, in total quality management, in designing and operating lean systems, in energy management (ISO 50001 Energy Management US TAG to ISO/PC 242), in medical device design and manufacturing, designing electronic user and maintenance manuals with 3D web content, in RFID system design (Radio Frequency Identification systems), information systems & information technology, and in underwater device test engineering, with related learning content & curriculum development, as well as talent management with nationally and internationally recognized academic, manufacturing, automation, quality and industrial and engineering management experiences.

In more detail, his research, education, and professional consulting includes the following domains:

To summarize, he is an internationally recognized innovator, researcher, educator, technical author and professional consultant both in academia as well as in industry.

Eur-Ing. Professor Paul G. Ranky, Dr-Techn/ PhD, Registered and Chartered Professional Engineer, was born in a European (i.e. Hungarian, Austrian, Swiss) family, with a well documented family tree dating back to the 12th century Europe.

He has earned a combined honours level BS & MS in Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering (completed with distinction in 1974), and a second masters degree, taught in parallel, in Engineering Education / Pedagogy, (totaling a 5 year intensive full-time university educational program at the Technical University of Budapest, Hungary, established in 1782 as one of the first engineering and science universities in Europe, where famous scientists, such as John von Neumann, the world famous computer scientist and mathematician, Albert Szentgyorgyvary, the inventor of the vitamin C extraction process, Tivadar Puskas the inventor of the telephone exchange system (in Bell Labs) and others have studied and/or lectured. After 5 years of part-time R&D he has earned his research doctorate, Dr-Techn/ PhD, in 1980, in the area of the design and operation of flexible automation/ lean manufacturing systems engineering with IT, whilst he was working full-time in industry in Europe.

He is a member or former member of several international engineering societies, including IEE(UK), IIE(USA), IEEE(USA), SME(USA), ASME(USA), PMI(USA), ASEE(USA), ASQ (USA), American Society for Quality, Quality Auditing, Lean and Advanced Manufacturing Divisions, and he is a Registered Chartered Professional Engineer, CEng., by The Engineering Council, (London, UK), and FEANI (Europe). He is a full tenured research professor at the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, with an additional faculty appointment with NJIT's IT (Information Technology Program), NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), University Heights, Newark, NJ 07102-1982, USA.

After graduation, with an undergraduate (Hons) and two masters degrees in his pocket, he has started to work in 1974 for United Nation's UNDP program, (Geneva, Switzerland and Europe) where he gained formal computing science and information technology education at postgraduate level, then at Csepel Machine Tool Company, also known as Excel in Budapest, Hungary, then at Nottingham Trent University (Nottingham, UK), then at The University of Michigan, (Ann Arbor, USA), then at Surrey University (Guildford, UK), and before his current job at NJIT USA at the University of East London, (London, UK) as Head of Department (Chair Professor) of Industrial Engineering and Design.

Dr. Ranky has always been fascinated by the opportunities of exploring different cultures, working with various research groups and students in academia, and with professional engineers and managers in industry. This is why he became a truly global engineer (and together with his family "world explorers" - as a hobby).

His novel contributions to product, process, system design and manufacturing systems/ industrial engineering, management, information technology, biomedical engineering, academia, industry and the society can be summarized as follows:

After graduation, he has worked with the United Nations on computing science and education projects for two years (1974-76), where he gained formal IT education at postgraduate level. His novel contributions during this period included: computing science and information technology education to professional engineers and managers in Europe, IT retraining of employees who have lost their jobs, interactive terminal communication and remote programming, computer assisted learning and engineering plotting/ drafting software development, traditional, as well as video and computer-assisted IT corporate education / course and program design and delivery in English, German and Hungarian. Furthermore he was involved in several research projects, including Computer Assisted Learning, Interactive Programming, Drafting Software development with IBM and Calcomp, and the  ALOHA computer networking project, part of the ARPANet (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network by the DOD, USA), the predecessor of the Internet and the distributed world-wide-web (WWW) although at that time the "Internet" and the "www" terminology wasn't even invented, and nobody new the enormous impact this project will make on all of us.

In 1976 he was invited to participate in a major flexible / lean manufacturing system R&D project (FMS), a major product / process design, design for manufacturing, and systems engineering R&D project, with a large machine tool and FMS builder in Europe for four years (1976-80) as one of the research and development engineers responsible for researching, designing and developing novel flexible / lean manufacturing cells and systems. His work was honoured with a company prize, a national engineering prize, as well as by becoming one of the chief R&D engineers of the firm.

His novel contributions during this period include: CNC interactive user interface design, CNC programming and machine tool component design (meaning product / process design in a concurrent engineering fashion), including cams, with commercial CAD tools, as well as CAD / CAM software tools which he has developed and programmed himself from scratch (for a DEC PDP 11 minicomputer, manufactured by Digital, USA), FMS system design methodology, FMS tool and fixture database and tool management system, FMS programming, FMS networking, dynamic scheduling of FMS, CMM (co-ordinate measuring machine) testing, programming and integration into an automated manufacturing system, ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) design and FMS integration, flexible, modular fixturing system design, FMS testing by means of a novel test part design, by means of laser interferometers, CMMs (Co-ordinate Measuring Machines), statistical quality control methods, and others.

During this period he has completed his earned doctorate by research in flexible automation/ lean manufacturing systems, focusing on FMS programming, object-oriented database and tool management issues as part of the FMS production control (JIT) system. (His core PhD topics, novel object-oriented method to manufacturing/ FMS data base data structure design and FMS dynamic programming were several years ahead of their time. Notably, the lean concepts and principles he has defined and validated in R&D and in industry, as well as object orientation became fashionable in industry about ten years later in the early 1990s...). Simultaneously working in industry on a major R&D project, as well as researching and taking courses for his research doctorate at the university weren't easy, nevertheless this period provided significant R&D, industrial engineering management, engineering IT, and team building experiences for him.

In 1980, in Nottingham, UK, as part of a team, he has obtained research grants and as a result was involved in designing and implementing new digital telephones and their manufacturing/ robotized electronic assembly and test systems as well as the related CIM information, networking and database systems with Plessey (GEC/GPT) and Trent in Nottingham. The R&D project received a national prize for the R&D team and Plessey Innovation Prize in the UK. Furthermore, during this period he has developed a unique Automated Robot Hand Changer (most likely a first in the industry and about 6 to 8 years ahead of any comparable commercial products in this area) for electro-mechanical assembly. He has also developed novel robot cell design and robot test methods.

In 1982 he has authored his first book, that became the first book published on FMS (IFS / North Holland, "Design and Operation of FMS" in which he has published his novel principles of flexible, lean automation), another book (with C. Y. Ho) on Robotics in 1984 (IFS / Springer Verlag), his first CIM book (with Prentice Hall, 1985) and two more books on flexible manufacturing systems and CIM with the Open University Team (UK). (Note, that the Open University is the largest university system in the world with over 700, 000 students, mostly on a distance learning basis!)

During this time, with his students he has created an FMS software library, developed computer controlled robot arms, pressure and touch sensors, and experimental DNC system (Distributed Numerical Control), and various software systems for robot programming and testing purposes.

In 1985-87 he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA (where he has worked on research projects with Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, ITI, IBM, General Motors, EDS, the Kellogg Foundation, and others). At Michigan, with his students, he has developed novel virtual machining and assembly (digital) factory simulation models (a first in the industry, using IGRIP, later DELMIA, and ROBCAD on Silicon Graphics workstations using UNIX), non-contact, dynamic robot testing systems with ITI and the Ford Research Center, the RAACC center, as well as a flexible, robotized fixture assembly demonstration (with Bluko and IBM).

Upon his return to the UK he has established a Masters and PhD Program in CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) at the University of Surrey, UK, a modular, industry-collaborative, as well as internationally collaborative research and education model that was recognized not just in the UK, but also overseas, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

At the University of Surrey, during 1988-92 he has gained experience in satellite engineering, micro-satellite manufacture and various mobile telecommunications satellite application areas. (Note, that we have built our own micro-satellites and used them for engineering data communication purposes all around the world before the Internnet! Very novel...). He has pioneered a JVS sponsored multimedia laser disk R&D project, that was exhibited at the International Computer Show in London (UK, 1988), and created and established the industry and UK government (DTI) sponsored Masters in CIM graduate engineering and management program. In 1991 he has initiated the "CIM in Orbit" European and UK sponsored education and Concurrent Engineering research project with UK, IBM Sweden, ABB and Portuguese partners that, amongst others, employed the Surrey micro-satellites for communicating Concurrent Engineering data in Europe via satellite (a first in the industry). Developed novel 3D milling applications for cutting 3D propellers, based on a new mathematical approach. He wrote four CIM related books and developed several videos and multimedia packages during this time, many of which were broadcast interactively using the EuroPace satellite network, sponsored by IBM, DEC, Thompson, Olivetti, Apple, British Telecom, and others to thousands of professionals working in industry and academia.

In 1992 he became the Head of Department and Professor of Manufacturing Systems Engineering / Industrial Engineering and Design, at the University of East London, UK and started to work closely with the Ford Motor Company and Jaguar Motor Cars Ltd. in the UK and Ford of Europe in Germany and Ireland (1992-95). Furthermore, he had collaborative concurrent engineering and manufacturing research projects with Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars, with Hitachi-Seiki, with ISIS, on computerized tool management (also known as Kennametal Tool Boss), with Hitachi-Seiki (now Mori-Seiki), and ERT on Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) and FESTO , and others on educational projects, as well as on product design, flexible automation, simulation, concurrent engineering and engineering multimedia projects. During this period, with his brother (Mick F. Ranky) he has developed novel, object linked, interactive multimedia design, programming and authoring methods and software techniques, that are successfully used, as well as continuously developed, in literally all of his research and publishing activities. Amongst others, this period provided significant academic R&D, technical writing, publishing and industrial management and team building experiences for him.

Furthermore, with his department faculty and his dean, he has attracted funding and developed several new large scale research and teaching laboratories in CAD/CAM (HP, ProEngineer, Mastercam, Mentor Graphics, BYGgrasp), in flexible manufacturing (Hitachi-Seiki, Kennametal, Sandvik, ERT), in industrial design (Apple) and in pneumatic control, mechatronics, Desktop CIM and sensing (FESTO). During this period he has configured and designed a video-conferencing system, that was one of the first of its kind in academic use in the UK for interactive learning, for research meetings and for remote interviewing / recruiting purposes between Ford of Europe and other institutions in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong, and Switzerland.

In 1994 his Desktop CIM R&D and educational development proposal attracted substantial research funding with Hong Kong university partners and formed the basis of an international video-conferencing and "virtual laboratory network" between the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, a first of it's kind in the world.

In 1995, as the British project leader and member of a European medical engineering R&D Consortium, led by Professor T. Pato (Berne Institute of Technology, Switzerland) the REDHA-CUT Research Consortium won the Swiss Innovation Price for a medical micro-robot research & development project. This research project, under continuous research support (EUREKA / Europe), has produced several novel contributions to medical engineering and science, and was invited by NASA to exhibit in Boston in 1997, as part of the future technologies exhibition.

Other novel contributions in this period (as well as later) included the virtual reality simulation of mobile telephone design, manufacture, test and assembly, engineering multimedia, system / process modeling with a new method (CIMpgr); the object oriented product data management database design (an early approach to PLM, Product Lifecycle Management, with Famos / Eigner + Partner in Germany and Switzerland); the dynamic scheduling method of FMS (ORDAT and CONTAD); the development of an object oriented flexible conveyor system (with one of his PhD students, Dr. J. Ho, in Hong Long); a novel, expert system-linked concurrent engineering research toolset, with his PhD student, Dr. P. Ashton, with Roll-Royce Motor Cars (Crew, UK); the manufacturing system simulation work for the Ford manual transmission plant at Halewood (with his Ford student, Mr. Ian Lamb), and the design for manufacturing study for the new Jaguar V8 4 litre aluminum cylinder block with his student, Mr. Martin Knapman, which later became the car of the year in the UK, as well as in the USA.

The educational and research work with the Ford Motor Company and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars won himself as well as his research students and colleagues international recognition in 1994-96.

In 1995 he has joined NJIT as a Chair Professor of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME). Since then he has successfully contributed to various NJIT educational and research initiatives funded by NSF (USA, National Science Foundation), the DOD (USA, Department of Defense), industry and other sponsors. His research, authoring, education and consulting work takes up most of his time and involves concurrent product and process design, automobile maintenance, quality assurance, lean methods, PLM, interactive multimedia, strategy based analytical and mathematical methods, interactive multimedia and web-based virtual product marketing.

In (1997/98), as a co-principal investigator with Professor Tricamo, at NJIT (USA) he and his research partners have received substantial research funding for complex automobile maintenance, interactive multimedia and concurrent engineering research sponsored by DARPA, General Motors, Hughes, Raytheon, Interactive Solutions Inc., and the US National Guard.

In 1997-98 his Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at NJIT (Newark College of Engineering, NJ, USA) was recognized as the 17th among all IE Departments in the USA in terms of research expenditures and 7th in terms of the number of graduate students. During this period, the IME Department's Engineering Management Masters Program became the largest masters program in NJIT.

Another large collaborative research grant was awarded by the New Jersey Technology Council and the USA Federal Government, The US Department of Commerce, focusing on hi-tech internet-based Virtual Trade Show and technical marketing, and technology transfer of electronic and communications products and their design and manufacturing processes (with Professor Richard Hatch, NJIT, USA, 1998-2000). As a positive result, in June 1999 the R&D program entered into a formal agreement with the US Commercial Service under which it markets the project's services through its 170 overseas offices.

In the NJIT funded R&D project (in 1999) he was the principal investigator (PI) working with NJIT co-PI faculty members (Dr. Jeng, ergonomics, Professor Milano, design, Dr. Surjanhata, reverse engineering) on developing his concept of DEKA (Digital Educational Knowledge Assets), an object oriented digital, interactive, re-usable and interactively scalable educational engineering multimedia library for faculty and students over the global Internet, NJIT's own intranet and interactive multimedia CD-ROM.

As part of substantial NSF (National Science Foundation, USA) R&D grant (1999) he was the principal investigator and lead author with several partners developing educational learning modules for engineering technicians working in US manufacturing, automotive, communications and computing industries.

He is an International Professional "Who is Who?" listed member (1999).

He is the year 2000 "Highly Commended Award" winner of the British Literati Club, MCB University Press, United Kingdom, for his technical authoring activities.

With Professors Caudill, Das, and Geskin, Ranky has received a major DOD (US), CTC grant (2000-2001) to research and develop a web-enabled Virtual Disassembly Management and Product ID system for electronic demanufacturing and multi-lifecycle engineering (NJIT, MERC, Multi-lifecycle Engineering Research Center), Newark, USA.

As of January 2001 appointed Editor North America of the top ranked, refereed IJCIM academic journal (International Journal of CIM, Computer Integrated Manufacturing) by Taylor & Francis Ltd. London and Baltimore (http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/boards/t-boards/cim-edbrd.htm).

His recent professional consulting and international R&D projects include Concurrent Engineering, Lean/ Cellular Manufacturing, Flexible Assembly, Medical Engineering, Virtual Reality/ Multimedia and other R&D projects with USA, UK and Swiss partners, funded by research agencies, or by the corporations themselves, such as Lucent/ Phillips and Bell Labs (mobile telephone assembly and drop testing); Air Cruisers/ Zodiac Group and Boeing (777 inflatable aircraft evacuation shoot cellular/ lean manufacturing/ assembly and process quality control); Denford (CIM); FESTO (servo pneumatics and actuation for mainly assembly purposes); Rolls-Royce Motor Cars (concurrent engineering); Raytheon Inc. Dallas, Texas, USA, object oriented software development methods for mission critical tasks and concurrent engineering / concurrent software engineering; demanufacturing (with Professors Caudill, Das and Gjeskin, NJIT), sponsored by DOD (US), CTC Inc., and others.

He has authored and co-authored over 400 refereed technical publications, including journal and conference papers, technical DVD videos, interactive multimedia 3D eBooks, and 13 engineering text books relating to flexible/ lean manufacturing cells and system design and operation control and CIM, CAD/CAM, collaborative design and concurrent engineering, total quality, manufacturing database management systems, computer networking and the Internet with engineering and enterprise applications.

He is a founding member of the editorial board of two international technical/ academic research journals: IJCIM (International Journal of CIM, by Taylor & Francis, London, UK), and IJFMS (International Journal of FMS, by Kluwer in Boston, USA). Furthermore he is an Editorial Board Member of Industrial Robot and Editor of the Industrial Robot Research Register by MCB University Press (UK).

Formerly he has acted on the editorial boards of other technical/ academic magazines too, such as ROBOTICA (Cambridge University Press for 5 years) and Journal of Manufacturing Systems (by SME, USA for 3 years). He is the Founding Editor in Chief of ADAM with IT , "Advanced Design And Manufacturing with Information Technology" a relatively new 100% interactive electronic journal under continuous development and expansion over the multimedia Internet. (In June 1999, ADAM became listed in the Directory of Scholarly Electronic Journals and Academic Discussion Lists, published by the Association of Research Libraries, Washington DC, USA). In June 2000 ADAM reached over 130,000 readers over the Internet.

He has designed and produced over 130 engineering multimedia video packages and Interactive Multimedia CD-ROMs with Internet support for engineering education. He has delivered over 20 hours of CIM, Concurrent Engineering and Networking educational video programs via satellite in Europe to engineering and academic audiences hosted by IBM, DEC, HP, Thompson, British Telecom, Olivetti, and others.

In 2000 he has created a 3D browser readable, open source library of 3D eBooks, in the form of Multimedia Cases, covering real-world engineering, management and IT challenges/ solutions for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as for professional engineers, managers, IT specialists and marketing managers in industry. This very successful ongoing development is supported by over 30 industrial companies and several universities on an international basis. The Multimedia Use Cases consist of a large number of reusable digital, interactive 2D photos, line diagrams, image maps and video clips, interactive 3D objects and panoramas, (QuickTime readable Sample3D1PCframe, sample3D2PCframe, 3DMercedesGSTzoom), text, and animation components/ objects, as well as active code, that are integrated into several browser readable eBooks, covering an introduction to the challenges of the case, a detailed discussion, and several interesting solutions, with plenty of problem solving and discussion opportunities for students and professionals.

In 2002 to date, he has successfully applied his object-oriented, 3D interactive multimedia, case based learning and knowledge documentation and management architecture, to biomedical engineering and medical science subjects. As a result of this major effort, in collaboration with Dr. Scott Nadler D.O. (an Associate Professor, and a Best Doctor of America title holder at the New Jersey Medical School and the Kessler Rehabilitation Institute) the world's first 3D interactive low back pain diagnosis multimedia publication was born (all medical text by Dr. Nadler, the rest of the material, including all media processing and programming by Dr. Paul G. Ranky and Marti Ranky, BS(Hons)), that includes internal and external interactive 3D virtual tours of the human body, and other novel features, such as automated-self test evaluation for anatomy studies, and others.

In 2003, he is ASEE (American Society of Engineering Educators) USA National Record Winner (2003), SAE International (The Engineering Society For Advancing Mobility, Land, Sea, Air and Space, USA) Certificate of Appreciation Awardees (2003), and New Jersey (USA) Annual Faculty Best Practices Showcase for Outstanding Examples of Curricular Innovation with Technology Awardees (2003).

In 2003 (based on work starting in 1991), created the world's first technical, engineering, management and IS & IT DVD video library with a green focus, hence the term he has coined: iSEE:Green, intelligent Sustainable Enterprise Engineering with a Green focus... available on any computer that can play QuickTime videos and run a modern web-browser, on Apple's Video iPod, iPad, and other modern devices, integrated with his novel 3D eBooks and full screen DVD videos (many already in hi-definition) for on-demand, JIT (just-in-time) hi-tech education and knowledge transfer/management. Note, that since the iPod Video device (by Apple Computers) can hold up-to 150 hrs of interactive videos, his novel approach and advanced multimedia content has also been successfully applied to on-the-job electronic support systems at various levels, ranging from technicians to high level engineering, IT and management (His library is published by CIMware UK and USA, 2005). The first public demonstration of this novel achievement took place at the 3rd Annual NJEDge Technology in Education Conference, Harrison Conference Center, Princetown University Campus, Plainsboro, NJ.

In 2006 received Software Donation by IBM / Dessault Systemes, Delmia Inc., USA, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) $2.98 million for NJIT students and research.

In 2007-2010 received three important grants relating to developing new digital product creation methods, humanoid robots and a science exhibit for demonstrating various aspects of sustainable green living and green mobility: New Jersey Liberty Science Center and NJIT research grant (as part of the new LSC $109 million expansion) on Digital Product and Process Design (Started in June 2007; see the evolving web site: http://njit-lsc.njit.edu/pauldesign.html ) and New Jersey Liberty Science Center and NJIT research grant (as part of the new LSC $109 million expansion) on Humanoid Robotics (Started in June 2007; see the evolving web site: http://njit-lsc.njit.edu/paulrobot.html)

In 2008-2009 received major research grant from New Jersey State to develop new curriculum in Advanced Manufacturing and Design Engineering, including sustainable green design and manufacturing, project management and a simulation library.

2011 to 2014: Co-PI in a major R&D grant (in access of $ USD 1 million) in the area of Energy Management and Sustainable Green Engineering with Professors Caudill, Das, and Zhiming at NJIT, in the MIE (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department), New Jersey Institute of Technology, the Public Research University of New Jersey, USA.

2016 to date: received several NSF (National Science Foundation, USA) research grants with students in the area of modeling and analysis of factory process improvements, zero defect quality, waste reduction, product improvements, and others. (See the grant section of this document for more details.)

International Cultural Experiences

He is fluent in English, Hungarian and Austrian/ German and has obtained professional technical translator and interpreter examinations between these languages in 1977-78.

He has significant cultural and professional engineering and R&D management experiences both in academia as well as in industry in the UK and Europe, in the USA, in Hong Kong / China, and in Japan. Furthermore, he and his work is also known in China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Palau, several Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Honduras, and Australia.

He is a family man, married with two children (Gregory and Richard), he likes to innovate, build models, take pro. pictures and hi-def videos, likes to listen as well as to play music (sample song in .mov format, another song also in .mov format), travel, nature, all sorts of sports, skiing, kayaking, walking, mountain-biking, and technology, quality computers (like Apples), professional DIY (do-it-yourself) tools, and fast cars. He is a SCUBA diver, certified by PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) of America. (Sample SCUBA video clip, originally shot in full HD, rendered for the web.)

In order to conduct new research in the area of design for harsh environments (DfH) and product testing, he has also obtained the PADI Open Water, PADI Enhanced Oxygen (NITROX), and the PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diving Certifications, as well as the PADI Rescue Diver Certification (including the New Jersey CPR and life-support certifications).

Also, PADI certified professional underwater photography and video professional. (See some nature photography, video and other samples here: http://www.cimwareukandusa.com/RW-Street-PanoSiteNavig-Upload/Variety/VarietyShow.html as part of a bigger 360 Panorama Navigation Map demo here: http://www.cimwareukandusa.com/RW-Street-PanoSiteNavig-Upload/RW-Street-PanoSiteNavigation-Map.html).

Don't miss his recent diving and rain forest pictures taken in Dominica, swimming with large sharks in Palau, in Micronesia, as well as his exciting desert safari in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) near Dubai. You can also see his recent hi-def diving and travel / experience DVD sets with sample video clips and photos at his publisher's site.

A few words about shark protection… Sharks are detoxifying the oceans… so why should anyone kill such incredibly useful animals? Sharks are detoxifying the oceans because they have very large livers. One of the most important functions of the liver is to cleanse the mammal of toxins. A shark's liver is made of two large lobes that concentrate and store oils and fatty acids. A shark's liver is relatively large, making up 5% to 25% of its total body weight and takes up to 90% of the space inside its body cavity. A great white shark weighing 3,312 kg (7,302 lb.) had a liver 456 kg (1,005 lb.) in weight. A 940-kg (2072-lb.) basking shark liver may yield as much as 2,270 liters (549 gallons) of oil. Over time, if the liver is exposed to too many toxins, liver cells that act as detoxifiers can become overloaded and ultimately die. (Watch my video clip swimming with large sharks I shot whilst diving in the pristine waters of Palau, in Micronesia.) More on this topic: Palau Shark Sanctuary, http://www.sharksanctuary.com/pss-history.html

Paul Ranky is a National Geographic (USA) Traveler Panel Member (2010 to date).

Courses He is Typically Teaching at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology, a Public Research University in New Jersey, USA)

Besides his research and authoring activities, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses at NJIT, in industrial engineering, in product/process design, in manufacturing systems engineering, in total quality engineering, in engineering management, and IT (including software engineering) subjects. The list below represents a selection of courses he typically teaches in various semesters:

IE203: Computer Graphics in IE (View sample syllabus)

IE673: Total Quality Management (View sample 2009 syllabus)

IE655: Concurrent/ Simultaneous Engineering (PLM- Product Lifecycle Management) (View sample 2009 syllabus)

EM636: Project Management (View sample 2013 syllabus)

MNE 601: Manufacturing Systems Engineering (View sample syllabus)

IE690 and MnE690: Digital Enterprise Modeling (View sample syllabus)

IT420: Computer Networking (View sample syllabus)

CIS 683: Software Engineering (View sample syllabus)

IS698: Enterprise Web Design Using Standards (View sample syllabus)

MIE699a: Sustainable Green Engineering Design and Manufacturing (As of Summer 2009)

MIE699b: Sustainable Green Project Management (As of Summer 2009)

MIE699c: Micromanufacturing, Precision CAM / CNC (As of Summer 2009)

Selected Publications (1981 to date)

Interactive Multimedia 3D eBook and Video Publications (Educational and R&D) 1991 to date: Written by Paul G. Ranky, (some in collaboration with other experts), programmed, directed, edited and produced by Paul G. Ranky. Published by http://www.cimwareukandusa.com (USA and UK Publishers). (Note, that each DVD video is pro-edited and about 30-35 mins. long. Shot in full HD, and more recently in 4K UHD and then rendered to different digital formats, including streaming for mobile devices, on-demand; each browser readable interactive multimedia eBook is approximately 500-600 pages long, and contains several thousand interactive files integrated into a browser readable format. My eBooks are full of active code to enjoy an interactive experience versus just a flat PDF file, as many others...) A good selection of digital video and eBook titles includes the following list below (for a more accurate list please visit http://www.cimwareukandusa.com/CIMwarePublPages/DVDvideo-FullList.html):

Major Research Grants, and R&D Donations Received for Research and Education (1974 to date...):

Other Professional Activities and Awards:

Nantional Science Foundation (USA) invited Adjunct Professor, coaching and mentoring 17 small university-based (New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Puerto Rico) research groups / startup companies in product / process / service / new business development / entrepreneurship / innovation skills and processes as part of the NYC NSF Regional Innovation Node (NYCRIN) at CUNY, City University of New York, 2019. The EL (Entrepreneurial Lead) of one of the teams, that Dr. Ranky has frequently coached, won the Best EL Presentation Award (CUNY, NYCRIN, March 2019).

Book reviews: CAD/CAM/CIM/ Automation and Robotics book reviews for ROBOTICA, Cambridge University Press, 1984 onwards, for the American Society of Manufacturing Engineers, for Prentice Hall, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, USA, for Chapman and Hall, London, for Taylor and Francis, London, UK, Springer Scientific, and others (1986 - to date).

Journal Paper Reviews written (1983 to date) for the

UK Literati Club Member: An internationally recognized group of academics and professionals, that provide peer review services for academic / research journals hosted in England. Received the Highly Commended Award of the Literati Club, MCB University Press (UK and USA), 2000 for his article: Design, manufacturing and assembly automation trends and strategies in China, Assembly Automation, Vol. 19. No. 4, 1999

Internet Research Register Editor, Industrial Robot, MCB University Press (1999-2000)

Journal of Applied Continuous Improvement (2015 to date). International Editorial Bard Member of the Journal of Applied Continuous Improvement. This is an international peer reviewed journal aimed to publish scientific articles in mechanical engineering sciences, industrial management, quality management, automation and robotics science and information technology. It is focusing on manufacturing process improvement, processes optimization that save time and costs, lean manufacturing, quality procedures, layout optimization, industrial cost reduction, setup reduction, applied SMED, service procedure improvement and related matters. Journal home page: http://phosciences.com/journal-of-applied-continuous-improvement/; Journal Editorial Member link: http://phosciences.com/journal-of-applied-continuous-improvement/editorial-board/

Editor North America, IJCIM (International Journal of CIM), by Taylor & Francis, London, Tokyo, and Baltimore (USA), 2000 to date. The citation impact factor of this international journal is VERY HIGH: 0.773; in comparison, this citation impact factor is higher than IIE Transactions (at 0.541), Operations Research (at 0.672) Annals of Operations Research (at 0.331) and the Journal of Heuristics (at 0.633). I am proud to state, that I am one of the Founding Editors of this Journal when we started it in 1983-84.

Member (2007 to date): NJIT Green Academic Council: the mission of this academic group at NJIT is to develop greening strategies, definitions, and processes for greening the curriculum. (Greening here means an eco-friendly, sustainable engineering approach to almost everything...)

Editorial Board Member / USA Editor:

Important note on the ISI impact factor of various journals in the OR/MS/OM/ Information Systems area: the citation impact factor for IJCIM (which is 0.773) and IJFMS (which is 0.735) are both higher than IIE Transactions (at 0.541), Operations Research (at 0.672), Annals of Operations Research (at 0.331), Journal of Heuristics (at 0.633), and Transportation Science (at .491). The Impact Factor is a measure of the frequency with which the "average article" in a journal has been cited in a particular year or period. The annual impact factor is a ratio between citations and recent citable items published. The impact factor of a journal is calculated by dividing the number of current year citations to the source items published in that journal during the previous two years. (Please note, that these ISI values change all the time, nevertheless they are very important indicators.)

International Handbook Editor: Springer Scientific / Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, USA (2002 to date)

Special Issue Editor (2015-2016): "Product, Process, System Design Review Methods and Tools", Systems, http://www.mdpi.com/journal/systems/special_issues/design_review, Systems (ISSN 2079-8954) is an international, peer-reviewed journal (Basel, Switzerland) on systems science, systems engineering, and systems engineering management. It publishes original research papers, comprehensive reviews and communications. The aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical results in as much detail as possible. There is no restriction on the length of the papers. Full experimental and/or methodical details must be provided. There are, in addition, unique features of this journal, in that manuscripts regarding research proposals and research ideas will be particularly welcomed, electronic files or software regarding the full details of the calculation and experimental procedure - if unpublishable in a normal way - can be deposited as supplementary material.

Editorial Board Member in the Advances in Robotics Research, An International Journal, Techno-Press: Publishers of international journals and conference proceedings; P.O. Box 33, Yuseong, Daejeon 305-600 Korea, Tel: +82-42-828-7996, Fax : +82-42-828-7997, Email: info@techno-press.com; Editor -in-Chief: Prof. Ju-Jang Lee, Department of Electrical Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, Daejeon 305-701, South Korea, Managing Editor: ISSN:2287-4976(Print); ISSN:2287-4984(Online); 4 issues; Quarterly (2015 to date)

Editorial Board Member International Journal of Industrial and Operations Research, (2018 to date). International Journal of Industrial and Operations Research is an Open Access, peer reviewed, academic Journal promoting the performance and efficiency of operational systems & Procedures and advance their rapid developments. VIBGYOR Online Publishers which publishes Journals of the highest quality and significance in all areas of physics, theoretical and applied Physics. We are an Open Access Publisher, focused to provide an opportunity for many researchers to get involved in updating themselves with the ongoing research. We host international, open access, peer reviewed academic physics journals. Physics experts at VIBGYOR are contributing their best knowledge in building the interactive platforms upon various Physics oriented subjects. Whether you are an Inspiring teacher, budding new scientist, creative aspirants, we cordially invite you to browse our website and learn about our upcoming gatherings or articles in the field. We are a new launchers aiming to publish papers of highest quality assuring the scope coverage of the entire related core, pure and applied Physics. http://vibgyorpublishers.org/journals/editorial-board.php?jid=ijior

IEEE (USA) Green Engineering Editor, focusing on Sustainable Green Engineering (IEEE is the largest engineering society in the world).

Publishing House of Sciences, Portugal, Europe, Journal of Applied Continuous Improvement Editorial Board Member. Journal of Applied Continuous Improvement is an international peer reviewed journal aimed to publish articles in mechanical engineering sciences, industrial management, quality management, automation and robotics science and information technology, which are focused in manufacturing processes improvement, processes optimization that save time and costs, applied lean manufacturing, quality procedures, layout optimizations, industrial costs reduction, setups reduction, applied SMED, services procedures improvement and related matters. The journal invites original papers, review articles, case studies and short communications containing new insight into any aspect of applied continuous improvement. (http://phosciences.com/journal-of-applied-continuous-improvement/)

Invited Member: U.S. Department of Energy for a round table discussion on "Industries of the Future: Strengthening American competitiveness through technological innovation in advanced manufacturing”, July 15, 2020

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New Jersey Section 304 invited Executive Board Member (July 2020 to date)

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section 'AWARD OF RECOGNITION' recipient in 2010 for 'his outstanding and dedicated service towards bringing the NJIT Student Chapter to the Metropolitan section"

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section 'AWARD OF EXCELLENCE' recipient in 2011, and also for 2012 for 'his outstanding and dedicated service towards bringing the NJIT Student Chapter to the Metropolitan section"

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section Executive Board Member.

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section 'AWARD OF RECOGNITION' recipient on December 6, 2014 for 'his outstanding and dedicated service towards developing the NJIT Student Chapter to the present level"

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section 'STUDENT SECTION RECOGNITION AWARD' recipient, December 5, 2015 for 'his outstanding service and dedication as NJIT's ASQ Student Section Academic Founder and Leader.'

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section 'STUDENT SECTION RECOGNITION AWARD' recipient, December, 2016 for 'his outstanding service and dedication as NJIT's ASQ Student Section Academic Founder and Leader.'

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section 'AWARD OF RECOGNITION' recipient, December, 2017 for 'his dedicated service to the American Society for Quality - NY/NJ Metropolitan Section as NJIT's ASQ Student Section Academic Founder and Leader.'

American Society for Quality (ASQ) New York / New Jersey Metropolitan Section 'AWARD OF RECOGNITION' recipient, December, 2018 for 'his dedicated service to the American Society for Quality - NY/NJ Metropolitan Section as NJIT's ASQ Student Section Academic Founder and Leader.'

IET, Institute of Engineering and Technology of Malaysia 'AWARD OF RECOGNITION' recipient in 2011 for 'his research presentation on Sustainable Green Engineering & Technology' in Malaysia, 2011.

Bergen Community College (New Jersey, USA) Certificate of Appreciation recipient 'In recognition of your volunteer commitment to the Bergen Community College Good Manufacturing Practice & Good LAboratories Practice (GLP) Advisory Board' (Agust 18, 2010). (View Certificate)

Conference Paper Reviews: Regular reviews for international CIM and Advanced Manufacturing Systems, System Modeling, Engineering IT and Software Engineering, Lean and Flexible Automation, Production Control, Supply Chain Management, Engineering Management, Industrial Engineering, Concurrent Engineering, Integrated Product / process Design, Design for Environment, Sensors, Robotics, Total Quality management, and Engineering Education conferences by IEE(UK), IEEE(USA), SME(USA), ASEE (American Soc. Of Engineering Educators), JUSFA (Japan USA Flexible Automation Conference), International Symposium for Flexible Automation, sponsored by NSF, National Science Foundation, (USA) by the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineering, The Dynamic Systems and Control Division of American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Participating Societies include: The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, The Japan Society for Precision Engineering, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers of Japan, The Robotics Society of Japan, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and others (1980 to date).

Currently Active and Past Professional Society Memberships: IEE (UK), IET(UK), FEANI (Europe), IEEE (USA), ASEE (USA), PMI (USA), Tau Beta Pi, ASQ(USA), SAE(USA), SME(USA), ASME(USA)

Member of Tau Beta Pi, The Engineering Honour Society, Elected by the student body of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.

Member of the NJIT MIE Teaching Awards Committee (to date)

Member of the NJIT MIE Graduate Studies Committee (to date)

MIE Representative On NJIT Teaching, Learning and Technology Committee (to date)

Professional Society Membership Reviewer: IEE Professional Review Interviewer for East Coast, USA (2005 to date, by the IEE (UK), The Institution of Electrical Engineers, incorporating the Institution of Production Engineers, London, UK)

British Science and Engineering Research Council Research Project Reviewer (1987 to date)

British Department of Trade and Industry R&D Project Reviewer (1987 to 1995)

North Jersey Regional Science Fair Judge, Captain (1998 to date)

Hong Kong / China National Science Foundation Research Council: External Research Project Reviewer (2004 to date)

Hong Kong City Polytechnic University: External Masters Program Advisor / Examiner (2004 to date)

Estonian National Science Foundation: External Research Project Reviewer (2005 to date)

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada External Research Project Reviewer (2007 to date)

Qatar National Priorities Research Program External Research Project Reviewer (2008 to date)

South Africa’s National Research Foundation (NRF) Evaluator (2010 to date)

Aberdeen Group (USA): Full Panel Member of Aberdeen Group's on-going state-of-the-market research (2010 to date)

Book Reviews for Artech House Publishers, Norwood, MA, USA (2012 to date)

International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, Taylor & Francis, UK and USA (external research paper reviewer, 2018 to date)

External Academic Reviewer for promotions and research: Jordan University of Science & Technology, Unit of Councils Affairs lead by the Vice-president of this university (2013 to date)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Washington DC, USA: External Research Project Reviewer (2006 to date). In 2006 he has reviewed 22 research proposals for AAAS of a total value of over $20 million (USD).

New Jersey Technology Council: Invited panelist: Nine Hi-tech Predictions... (February, 2007, Princeton, New Jersey). The moderator of the panel was Alan Wink, Director, Technology Group, Amper, Politziner & Mattia, and the members of the panel were: Professor Michael Celia, Chair Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Princeton University, Professor David Fenske, Dean, The iSchool at Drexel University, Professor Paul G Ranky, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, NJIT, and Dr. Vincent A Smeraglia, Director, Office of Patents & Licensing, University of Medicine and Dentirtry of New Jersey.

New Jersey Technology Council: Invited webinar presenter: (January, 2011, New Jersey): Collaborative Global Engineering Challenges and Some Solutions

New Jersey ASQ (American Society for Quality) Student Chapter: Academic Founder and first academic advisor (2009 to date) as part of the hosting ASQ Section 300. Pls. note, that a separate website for the ASQ Student Chapter is under construction, until then you can download the joining instructions, kindly prepared by Bill Ward, our first Student President for the ASQ Student Chapter (PDF link).

External Program Evaluator for Sweden's Knowledge Foundation, Stockholm, Sweden. External Evaluator for PhD Programs in Sustainable Engineering / Production. The main objective of the Knowledge Foundation is to boost Sweden’s competitiveness by supporting initiatives for the development of knowledge and competence. (2010 to date).

Invited Member to the Oxford Round Table's 10th Annual International Conference on Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change, August, 2014, at Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. (Harris Manchester College is one of the thirty-eight colleges that form the University of Oxford and was founded in 1786.)

Voting Member to the United States ISO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO (International Standards Organization) Project Committee TC 242 Energy Management (US TAG to ISO/PC 242) and ISO/ TC 257 Energy Savings Calculations. As a voting member I provide input regarding future members, comments to develop U.S. positions, and input on responses to International positions as well as votes on other technical issues that are relevant to the US TAG to ISO/PC 242 and 257. Participate in the development, as well as co-author of the ISO 50001 standard through US TAG 242 and PC 242 / TC 257 meetings provides me with the knowledge to remain competitive and gives me the latest information regarding the standard. ISO TAG members are listed as technical experts by ISO in the area of ISO 50001, Energy Management and Energy Calculations. These are ANSI Accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Groups to ISO/PC 242 Energy Management, and ANSI Accredited U.S. Technical Advisory Groups to ISO/ TC 257 Energy Savings Calculations. (2010 to date).

In September 2012, the Lawrence D. Eicher (LDE) Leadership Award for excellence in creative and innovative standards development was awarded to our ISO technical committee, ISO/TC 242, Energy management. The specific factors which led to the selection of ISO/TC 242 as winner of the 2012 LDE Award include the following: The use of innovative approaches have ensured the global relevance and timely production of the standard. Effective leadership and a true desire to promote the involvement of developing countries has been paramount. ISO/TC 242 has benefited from the establishment of a unique four-country leadership approach. The ISO DEVCO Funds-in-Trust programme enabled representatives of developing countries to participate in meetings. The rotation of meetings to different regions of the world and the use of Web meetings to coincide with different international time zones has also facilitated the participation of developing countries. ISO 50001 has benefitted from proactive project management and effective coordination of the entire committee structure, including excellent meeting support. The Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award is named after the late Secretary-General of ISO from 1986 to 2002. Published in June 2011, ISO 50001 has experienced a rapid international uptake and is already implemented in 44 countries worldwide.

United States ISO Technical Advisory Group (TAG) to ISO (International Standards Organization)TC 242 / TC 257: Definition of a methodological framework applicable to calculation and reporting on energy savings ISO DIS 17743: General calculation methods on energy efficiency and savings for countries, regions or cities ISO CD 17742, general calculation methods on energy savings for, organizations, general technical rules for measurement, calculation and verification of energy savings of projects, ISO 17741 Working Groups (2012 to date). Participating in the development of ISO (International Standards Organization, Geneva, Switzerland) standards through U.S. TAG 242, TC242, energy management, U.S. TAG 257 and TC 257, evaluation of energy savings, providing the latest R&D knowledge and information regarding the USA and international standards under development (ISO 50004 (Guidance), ISO 50006 (EnPIs and baselines), ISO 50007 (Energy Services), ISO 50008 (Commercial Buildings), ISO 17747 (M&V Organization calculations)).  ISO 17741 may be used by any stakeholder (policy maker, decision maker, company, etc) that aims to quantify energy savings. The personnel certification for the Superior Energy Performance program by IEnMP has achieved the first certification for CPEnMS – see the ANSI Announcement:

ANSI Announces December 2013 Accreditations under Its Personnel Certification Accreditation Program: 'The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is proud to announce the recent accreditation of four organizations under the Institute’s Accreditation Program for Personnel Certification Bodies. These groups – the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), LIUNA Training, the Institute for Energy Management Professionals (IEnMP), and the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice (TALPP) – join a community of 43 other personnel certification bodies with ANSI-accredited programs, covering a range of industry sectors involving more than five million professionals. At its December meeting, ANSI’s Personnel Certification Accreditation Committee approved the accreditation of IEnMP’s Certified Practitioner in Energy Management Systems (CP EnMS) program, LIUNA’s LIUNA Instructor program, AEE’s Certified Energy Manager program, and TALPP’s Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) program. Accreditation by ANSI signifies that these programs’ procedures meet ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024, General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification Systems of Persons.'

ISO USA TAG tasks completed in 2014 include the following: as a US TAG (International Standards Organization, USA Technical Advisory Group) voting member involved in the process for ISO 50015, ISO 50006, and ISO 50004. The following documents were published (2014):
ISO 50001:2011 Energy Management
ISO 50002:2014 Energy Audits
ISO 50004:2014 Implementation guidance for Energy Management
ISO 50006:2014 EnPIs and Baselines
ISO 50015:2014 Guidance for Measurement and Verification

ISO USA TAG tasks (ongoing in 2015): there are a number of projects that are active, including:
ISO 50007 Energy Services
ISO 50008 Commercial Buildings
ISO 17747 Calculations for energy savings in Organizations
The upcoming changes to ISO 50001 for the High Level Structure
Completing ISO 17741 Energy savings for projects
Three new work items for TC 257

Invited member of DEMA's 2020 Vision Group (Diving Equipment and Marketing Association, USA), helping to develop a new direction for the USA and international Diving Industry. Topics include brainstorming on how to get more young people involved in diving, in sustainable green eco-tourism, and how to reactivate previous divers who have been out of the water for a while. (ContChartVar_Template.xls)

Completed the Wharton Princeton Entrepreneurship Executive Education Program (January, 2022)

National Science Foundation (NSF) USA, registered 2018 Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) panelist. 2017 to date.

Cybersecurity Conference Advisory-committee Member (2023): the National  Institute of Technology (NIT),  KURUKSHETRA, India. The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering, are jointly organizing the “2nd International Conference on Advances in Computing, Communication and Security (I3CS-2023)", 01- 03 June 2023 at NIT Kurukshetra an Institute of National Importance in India.  After the grand success of the previous conferences of I3CS-2021, this is the second International conference in the series.

Dr. Ranky's Recent Presentation Links to Eco-friendly, Sustainable Green Environments, Facilities and Systems

Enjoy our new 360 Panoramic Site Navigation demos, as part of our iSEE:Green, intelligent Sustainable Enterprise Engineering with a Green focus research; See more on some of the key principles here: http://www.cimwareukandusa.com/All-Green/Ranky-GreenEngineering.html (© USA and international copyright of all media and content at this site by Paul G. Ranky)

360 degree interactive panoramas in the El Galleon, Asia Divers, eco-friendly green sustainable resort in Puerto Galera, Philippines (Programmed in HTML5 - not in Flash! - for desktop, laptop, as well as mobile Mac / PC, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices).

Known issues: Please note, that in case you have a relatively slow, or unreliable Internet connection, you might see a tile (i.e. a missing segment) in the pano screen immediately after having downloaded the file. If this is the case, clear the browser's buffer (a.k.a. the cache) and download the file again. These are relatively small files, it should not take long to download them. Let me know if you have any comments: email: cimware@mac.com

e16-ElGalleon-Waimea-PanoLivingRoom, e02-ElGalleon-Pano15A-LivingRoom, e03-ElGalleon-Pano15A-Bedroom, e04-ElGalleon-Pano15A-Balcony2, e01-ElGalleon-Pano15A-Balcony1, e33-ElGalleon-Pano-Poolside2-with-Rhuby, e27-ElGalleon-Pano-RestaurantOutside-Take1, e29-ElGalleon-Pano-DiveLockerRoom, e31-ElGalleon-Pano-RestaurantOutside-Take2, e32-ElGalleon-Pano-Spa

More 360 degree interactive panoramas (as part of a virtual resort tour) in the El Galleon, Asia Divers Resort with a novel gyro feature (for iPhone 4 and 4S, iPhone5, or later, and iPad2 or iPad3, or later and also for other gyro sensor enabled mobile devices) in an eco-friendly green sustainable resort, teh El Galleon Resort, Asia Divers in Puerto Galera, Philippines (Note: as you move your iPhone, or iPad left or right, up or down, you'll see the space just as if you were there. Enjoy the experience!) (© USA and international copyright of all media and content at this site by Paul G. Ranky.)

e16-ElGalleon-Waimea-PanoLivingRoom-Gyro, e20-ElGalleon-Waimea-Pano-GardenView-Gyro, e23-ElGalleon-Waimea-PPoolsideView-Gyro, e28-ElGalleon-DivePlatform02-Gyro

ElGalleonResort-RestaurantView-SunnyPano-1, ElGalleonResort-RestaurantView-SunnyPano-2

A new artistic direction... step inside a 360 degree digital watercolor panorama paradise (as far as we know this is a first of its kind in the world at the time of writing)... just click and enjoy: ElGalleon-WaterColor-1-360-Panorama

Some more web-friendly, reduced size video clips and images of beautiful eco-friendly, green sustainable environments and facilities in the USA, in Europe, in Micronesia, Palau, with Sam's Tours in Palau, with Planet Blue Kayaking in Palau, with the Palau Royal Resort hotel in Palau, in Guam, the Philippines, the Caribbean Islands, Hong Kong and Asia, Mexico, Malaysia, Japan, and elsewhere. (Just click on the links below to see them. Please note, that the short video clips below are edited clips of my full length programs (more here) and are rendered in good quality 720p format. Please be patient if you have a slow Internet link. The original 18 to 22 megapixel images are kept small too for a web-friendly experience. Enjoy!) (© USA and international copyright of all media and content at this site by Paul G. Ranky.)

VideoClip1, VideoClip2, VideoClip3, VideoClip4, VideoClip5, VideoCli6, VideoClip7, VideoClip8, VideoClip9, VideoCilp10, VideoClip11, VideoCli12, VideoClip13, VideoClip14,VideoClip15, VideoClip16, VideoClip17, more to come...

Let me show you some more short underwater video clips (all of them part of full length programs at http://www.cimwareukandusa.com), that I have shot whilst diving at the El Galleon Dive Resort, Asia Divers, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. These video clips promote and illustrate beautiful sustainable green environments, with a deep, warm color style, as well as a very relaxed marine life behavioral focus. Dive sites include the Canyons, Shark Cave, Hole in the wall, Sabang Wrecks, Sinandigan Wall, Monkey Beach, Kilima Steps, St. Christopher Wreck, Dungon Wall/ Twin Wreck, Fish Bowl, Lalaguna Point, Sabang Point, Boulders, Dry Dock, The Atoll, Batangas Channel, Manila Channel, Coral Garden, Verde Island, and others: VideoClip1, VideoClip2, VideoClip3, VideoClip4, VideoClip5, VideoClip6, VideoClip7, VideoClip8, VideoClip9, VideoClip10, VideoClip11, VideoClip12, VideoClip13, VideoClip14, VideoClip15, VideoClip16, VideoClip17, VideoClip18, VideoClip19, VideoClip20, VideoClip21, VideoClip22, VideoClip23, VideoClip24, VideoClip25, VideoClip26, VideoClip27, VideoClip28, VideoClip29, VideoClip30, VideoClip31, VideoClip32, VideoClip33, VideoClip34, VideoClip35, VideoClip36, VideoClip37, VideoClip38, VideoClip39, VideoClip40, VideoClip41, VideoClip42, VideoClip43, VideoClip44, VideoClip45, VideoClip46, VideoClip47, VideoClip48, VideoClip49, VideoClip50, VideoClip51, VideoClip52; more to come...(you can find the full length video and image library programs at http://www.cimwareukandusa.com).

Also, some more images promoting a sustainable green, non-toxic, happy world... Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5, Image6, Image7, Image8, Image9, Image10, Image11, Image12, Image14, Image15, Image16, Image16, Image17, Image18, Image19, Image20, Image21, Image22, Image23, Image24, Image25, Image26, Image27, Image28, Image29, Image30, Image31, Image32, Image33, Image34, Image35, Image36, Image37, Image37, Image38, Image39, Image40, Image41, Image42, Image43, Image44, Image45, Image46, Image47, Image48, Image49, Image50, Image51, Image52, Image53, Image54, Image55, Image56, Image57, Image58, Image59, Image60, Image61, Image62, Image63, Image64, Image65, Image66, Image67, Image68, Image69, Image70, Image71, Image72, Image73, Image74, Image75, Image76, Image77, Image78, Image79, Image80. .. (you can find the full length video and image library programs at http://www.cimwareukandusa.com).

Some beautiful images I have taken at the amazing eco-friendly, sustainable, high quality and very friendly PADI 5 star dive resort in the Philippines, near Dumaguete (a great location to dive the famous and fantastic Apo Island): https://www.liquiddumaguete.com, Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5, Image6, Image7, Image8, Image9, Image10, Image11, Image12, Image13, Image14, Image15, Image16, Image17, Image18, Image19, Image20, Image21, Image22, Image23, Image24, Image25, Image26, Image27, Image28, Image29, Image30, Image31, Image32, Image33, Image34, Image35, Image36, Image37, Image38, Image39, Image40, Image41, Image42, Image43, Image44, Image45, Image46, Image47, Image48, Image49, Image50, Image51, Image52, Image53, Image54, Image55, Image56, Image57, Image58, Image59, Image60, Image61, more to come, including 4K underwater videos... (you can find the full length video and image library programs at http://www.cimwareukandusa.com).

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Enjoy my latest videos I shot of one of our new projects with Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick and James Sottilo:

Judith-Fitzpatrick-Microbes-Video, for mobile devices, suggest to click on this version: Judith-Fitzpatrick-Microbes-Video-Mobile-Version

James Sottilo-Microbes-Video , for mobile devices, suggest to click on this version: James Sottilo-Microbes-Video-Mobile-Version


Welcome to Dr Paul G Ranky’s Sustainable Green Engineering Multimedia Resource Library:

The purpose of this novel library of 4K UHD videos on YouTube is to offer valuable, high quality resources for teaching, learning and researching sustainable green living and mobility systems, challenges, and some solutions. All videos were shot, edited, and produced by Paul G Ranky, copyright by CIMware USA, Inc. USA (www.cimwareukandusa.com, Email: cimware@mac.com).

This series takes you to the beautiful and friendly Philippines, Apo Island, Palawan Island, Coron Island, both topside (as divers talk about it), as well as under water into the blue oceans around El Nido and Sibaltan, and the shipwrecks in Coron Islands (as part of Palawan).

There are several videos (all in 4K UHD) in the library, covering the following topics:









Palawan-Dives-03-SunrizeDives-Coral Gardens-Destacado-Rock-North-Rock-Paul-Ranky-4K


In this video watch the thousands of yellow fin snappers swirling at around 8.00 mins into the video!

Around 15:30 mins into the video you can see me diving (my video selfie; sorry, cannot smile due to my mask on my face and regulator in my mouth)
Around 16:20 mins into the video a rare sequence of me swimming with a large turtle
Around 29 mins into the video again the yellow fin snappers, and after that I am swimming with hundreds of barracudas
Around 48:20 mins into the video I am swimming with hundreds of jacks





The Barracuda Lake dive was amazing, unique in the world, it starts around 28 mins into the video


You might also enjoy my Apo Island dive expedition videos on YouTube, here:










Music for all videos composed, arranged, performed and edited by Paul G Ranky, and other artists. All music used are licensed. Some of the compositions are Paul G Ranky originals.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the following companies and organizations that helped me to make this happen: UNITED Airlines, USA, Philippine Airlines, the friendly people of the Philippines, Dolce Vita Hotel and Restaurant in Puerto Princesa City (www.hotels-palawan.com), Palawan Island, Palawan Divers in El Nido, www.mindshiftgrear.com, USA, www.leisurepro.com, New York City, USA, www.funsundivetravel.com on Coron Island, Dive Sibaltan, Palawan Island, Canon, USA, www.liquiddumaguete.com, SONY, USA, and www.cimwareukandusa.com, in NJ, USA; Email: cimware@mac.com

© International Copyright by CIMware USA, Inc., www.cimwareukandusa.com All Rights Reserved!