Distributed Numerical Control Software Development with Hitachi-Seiki and ERT (1992/ 95)

The goals and objectives were to develop various software packages that support the CNC machine tool operator ans the small shop in their efforts of increasing productivity and quality. We have focused on shleduling, planning and CNC program down-loading, up-loading and editing issues and developed software packages with students and the companies involved, namely: Hitachi-Seiki UK Ltd. and ERT Ltd.

The analytical / engineering challenge was to design software architectures for distributed numerical control use.

The method/ model was validated by designing/ implementing and testing several commercial packages.

The practical, industrial use and spinoffs included several commerciall sold software systems by the companies named above.

Major lessons learned included the challenges of leading such indurty-collaborative (EPSERC sponsored Teaching Company, UK) R&D projects and working with different teams.

The photo below illustrates a small DNC terminal, developed by ERT, that was used in the project. This device was networked with a PC, and with other PCs in which our software actually run.