Welcome All!

Let me share with you a few of the over 400 HD pictures I shot on the Caribbean island of Dominica. This is a beautiful green island, with plenty of fresh water, beautiful 4000 feet+ tall mountains, rain forests and waterfalls, good diving in warm blue waters, sometimes very loud music with lots of deep sounds and good rythms, and friendly people often offering a family atmosphere...

Special thanks to Apple Computers, Canon, BigBlue LED Lights, Equinox, IEEE, Scubapro, Sea&Sea, CIMware USA Inc., CIMware Ltd. UK, Castle Comfort Dive Dominica, the Fort Young Hotel on Dominica, my dive buddies, dive masters and captains on Dominica, and last but not least, the people of Dominica who made my stay on this island very exciting.

Enjoy some of my pictures in web-resolution below. Please note, that the 400+ up-to 12 megapixel size full HD resolution images, the 4hr+ long underwater, as well as the island tour videos are published in various formats, including HD, in multi set pro-combo DVD packs, as well as in web-streamable formats.

Please look up my publisher's web site at: http://www.cimwareukandusa.com, and then click Experience New Cultures, People, Cities, Land... for more... You can also get in touch with me by email at cimware@mac.com

Just click the images below to see them in larger web-scaled size.

(Please note: All images are Copyright by Paul G. Ranky, PhD)